Q&A For Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy


Hydrogen is an excellent selective anti-oxidant, can neutrazlie free radical (ROS) within the body, therefore help reduce inflammation, slow cells aging, relive pain, prevent and alleviate the symptoms of a number of disease, range from Rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease,    Stroke, Allergies, Cardovascular diseases and diabetic …..

Humans can ingest hydrogen by drinking hydrogen-containing water, oral hydrogenated food, inhaling hydrogen, and taking hydrogen baths . Hydrogen can be absorbed through the digestive tract, respiratory system, and skin . Each approach corresponds to a different type of disease. Here we would love to sort out the most frequenctly asked questions for the Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy as below.


1.Why can hydrogen cure diseases?

Many researchers have found that hydrogen can specifically neutralize toxic free radicals such as hydroxyl free radicals, but has no significant effect on the physiological functions of free radicals required by the human body. We call this “selective antioxidant”, which is currently recognized as a theoretical explanation by hydrogen medical research . Hydrogen is the only antioxidant known to be selective to free radicals . Because it does not affect the free radicals required by the body to maintain life activities, there are no reports of hydrogen intervention in the normal physiological activities of the body, and there is no dosage limit in use . With the deepening of hydrogen research, it has been discovered that hydrogen has multiple key signal pathways in the body with regulating effect . It can be said that hydrogen is not only an antioxidant, its mechanism of action may be very complicated, scientific research has no end, and the research on the mechanism of hydrogen is still in the process of in-depth exploration .


2 .What is the difference between hydrogen antioxidant and vitamin C?

As mentioned earlier, hydrogen is a selective antioxidant, which means that both hydrogen and vitamin C can resist oxidation, but the free radicals produced by the body can be roughly divided into two categories: one is needed by the body, the other is not needed by the body and is toxic . Vitamin C treats all free radicals “equally” and eliminates them all; hydrogen only eliminates free radicals that are not needed by the body and are highly toxic, such as hydroxyl free radicals . Because it does not eliminate the free radicals needed by the human body, a large amount of hydrogen supplementation will not affect the normal physiological functions of the body, but a large amount of vitamin supplementation may affect the normal life activities of the body.


3 .When is it better to absorb hydrogen?

Because it takes a certain amount of time to absorb hydrogen, it is best to inhale it during sleep, so that it does not affect life and work . Of course, you can absorb hydrogen while watch ing TV, reading, studying, and sedentary work .


4 . How long does it take to inhale hydrogen every day?

As a daily health care, inhalation for 1-2 hours a day can achieve the effect, but for critical and severe diseases such as tumors, rheumatism, etc . , long-term inhalation is required . Many elderly people who have already developed symptoms of Alzheimer’s also need to absorb hydrogen for a long time every day, at least 4-6 hours every day.


5.Is there a problem with continuous inhalation of hydrogen? Will there be side effects?

When diving underwater, divers can breathe high pressure and high-concentration hydrogen continuously for 14 days . Hydrogen has been used as a diving gas for more than 80 years, and no side effects have been found so far, so there is no problem in inhaling hydrogen for a long time . What needs to be reminded is that no matter who absorbs hydrogen, there needs to be an adaptation process . The hydrogen absorption time should be increased from 30 minutes as much as possible . After the hydrogen is inhaled, the blood circulation will increase . If the elder ly are not well, they will experience discomfort, the increase in hydrogen absorption time should be as slow as possible .


6.Is hydrogen inhalation dangerous?Some people say that hydrogen can explode?

Hydrogen is a combustible gas . The concentration range of combustion and explosion in the air is 4-74%, which is a very large range . In order to avoid the risk of combustion and explosion, we recommend that the concentration of inhaled hydrogen is about 2% . Japan defines 2% hydrogen inhalation as a medical treatment for “cardiac arrest” . This concentration will not burn and explode even in an open flame environment and can be used with confidence . If you inhale hydrogen within the explosion range, you need to prevent sparks and static electricity, and use it with caution .


7.Why is it advocated that the hydrogen inhalation concentration is 2%?Is the higher the hydrogen concentration, the better?

There is no danger of combustion and explosion when the hydrogen concentration is below 4%, and it is safer to use . Scientists have studied and compared various concentrations below 4%, and found that the inhalation of 2% concentration of hydrogen has the best effect on the disease, so 2% is generally recommended for population use . The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan also included the inhalation of 2% hydrogen concentration as a medical method in the medical device outline . The flammability and explosiveness of hydrogen were mentioned earlier,in order to avoid risks, if there is no evidence to prove how much hydrogen concentration is required to be effective, we generally propose the safe range of inhalation concentration is below 4% . If the same inhalation time shows that the inhalation effect of higher concentration of hydrogen is indeed better, we recommend extending the hydrogen inhalation time to make up for it, which is called “time for safety and time for effect” .


8.How can we achieve 2% hydrogen inhalation?

Under normal circumstances, by electrolyzing pure water, hydrogen with a purity of more than 99.9% can be obtained. We set the gas flow rate of the hydrogen absorption machine to be 300-500 ml/min. For adults weighing about 60-80 kg, according to the calculation formula of breathing gas, the concentration of hydrogen that enters the body with each breath is between 1.5-2.5%, which is in line with the concentration found to be effective for disease recovery. All in all, a device with a hydrogen production flow rate of 300-500ml per minute can achieve therapeutic hydrogen inhalation. Properly prolonging the hydrogen absorption time on the basis of safety can achieve better disease improvement effects.


9..Can hydrogen absorption improve memory?

Yes, according to research reports, hydrogen can improve memory and prevent brain aging, which is of great help in improving the learning ability of young people.


10.Can hydrogen absorption improve sleep?

Studies have shown that hydrogen inhalation can calm the nervous system, relieve stress, resist depression, and significantly improve the sleep problems of cancer patients. In the crowd application, many sub-healthy people report that their sleep quality has been improved after inhaling hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water.



11.Can hydrogen inhalation assist in the treatment of cerebral ischemia?

Inhalation of 2% hydrogen concentration is effective for cerebral ischemia. Animal and population studies have shown that acute cerebral ischemia is a clinically critical and life-threatening illness. There are population studies that prove that hydrogen inhalation as an auxiliary means can reduce the risk of death from cerebral ischemia. But what needs to be reminded is that the current hydrogen absorption equipment is not a medical device and cannot be used legally in clinical emergency treatment. It is hoped that in the future hydrogen absorption products can obtain medical device license, so that hydro gen can play a role in clinical emergency treatment.



12.My relative had a brain stroke some time ago, can he inhale hydrogen?

As mentioned earlier, because the hydrogen inhaling equipment has not been approved for medical treatment, it cannot be used in hospital clinics, but it can be used as a means of health preservation during the rehabilitation period. It is recommended to use hydrogen inhalation equipment after the patient’s condition is stable. The initial hydrogen inhalation time should be as short as possible, and the hydrogen inhalation time should be increased slowly, so as to give the patient a process of adaptation. Inhalation of hydrogen can promote the recovery of brain function and improve the quality of life of patients. In addition, the biggest risk of stroke is the second stroke in the later stage. Hydrogen can prevent arteriosclerosis, improve the health of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, and prevent re-stroke, which is a very goodmethod of stroke rehabilitation.


13 .Can hydrogen inhalation help treat myocardial infarction?

Hydrogen inhalation can help patients with myocardial infarction improve heart function and reduce the problem of cardiac malformation in the stable phase after rescue. As with stroke, because hydrogen inhalation products have not yet entered the clinical treatment system, it is recommended to use them appropriately during the recovery period after discharge from the hospital. Remind everyone that the occurrence of myocardial infarction indicates that the patient’s blood vessel problems are more serious, because hydrogen inhalation will promote blood circulation, so when patients with myocardial infarction start to inhale hydrogen, they should pay attention to whether they feel uncomfortable. To ensure safety, start from the minimum dose and increase slowly.


14.Can hydrogen inhalation prevent the damage caused by smog?

Some population studies have found that hydrogen inhalation can reduce the inflammatory response during haze exposure and protect the respiratory system, which to a certain extent can reduce the chance of lung cancer caused by fog stimulation . For respiratory diseases, there are currently no good preventive measures, and hydrogen inhalation may play an import ant role .


15 .Can hydrogen inhalation help treat emphysema?

Inhalation of hydrogen can prevent the occurrence of chronic obstructive emphysema caused by smoking and improve the respiratory function of patients . The effect of hydrogen inhalation on respiratory diseases (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, etc . ) is a hot topic of hydrogen medical research and attention . The current ideal case found that the lung function was significantly restored after long-term hydrogen inhalation (6 hours a day, 2% concentration) for 2 consecutive years


16 .What is Alzheimer’s? What are its manifestations?

Alzheimer’s disease is a kind of brain aging disease . The early manifestation is the aggravation of forgetting phenomenon, and memory disorders often appear. Once senile dementia is discovered, it is in the middle and late stages . The disease develops quickly and cannot take care of oneself . In the later stage, people need to take care of them 24 hours a day, which causes a huge burden on society and families .


17 .Can hydrogen inhalation help treat Alzheimer’s?

Studies have shown that hydrogen can alleviate brain aging, prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s, and can also curb the deterioration of Alzheimer’s disease . Long-term inhalation may also reverse the severity of senile dementia, improve the quality of life of patients with senile dementia, and reduce family and social burdens .


18 .Can hydrogen inhalation treat snoring?

The snoring mentioned here refers to the sudden stop of breathing during sleep, referred to as “sleep apnea”. This situation can cause hypoxia in the brain and body organs, and there is a risk of sudden death . Many studies have confirmed that hydrogen can improve various organ damages (heart, brain, kidney, etc .) caused by hypoxia . Evidence from population studies has also found that the number and duration of sleep apnea can be reduced after inhaling hydrogen every day.


19.Many physical examinations have found problems such as cysts, nodules or polyps. Is hydrogen inhalation effective for these problems?

The reasons for the formation of cysts, nodules, and polyps in the human body are more complicated, and are related to heredity, environment, diet, endocrine, etc . Some nodules and polyps may be at risk of malignant transformation and require long-term follow-up observation in the hospital. Many people are nervous about the results of these tests . The causes of these problems are complicated . There is no relevant research evidence yet, but there are cases that prove that lung nodules, breast nodules, thyroid nodules, gallbladder polyps, intestinal polyps, etc . shrink or even disappeared after long-term hydrogen inhalation and drinking hydrogen water. Based on the safety of hydrogen, it is recommended to stick to long-term use hydrogen, at least the probability of these problems will be greatly reduced .


20.Does hydrogen inhalation have a therapeutic effect on kidney stones, enlarged prostate and inflammation?

Studies have confirmed that hydrogen can inhibit the formation of kidney stones and reduce the damage of stones to the kidney, mainly for preventive effects. Small kidney stones may be discharged by drinking a lot of hydrogen water. If there are large kidney stones, it is recommended to go to the hospital for shock wave lithotripsy and discharge . Hydrogen has a better effect on prostatitis . This is evidenced by research . There are many application cases for prostatic hypertrophy. It is proved that if you insist on inhaling hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water every day, the problem of prostatic hypertrophy is improved and the degree of pressure on the urethra is reduced. So it is recommended that people with enlarged prostate can try it .


21 .Can hydrogen inhalation replace drinking hydrogen water?

No, although the concentration of hydrogen inhalation is higher than that of drinking hydrogen water, drinking hydrogen water can regulate the intestinal flora and prevent many intestinal diseases, which is irreplaceable by hydrogen inhalation.



22 . Is hydrogen inhalation effective for tumor treatment?

Hydrogen inhalation can reduce the side effects of tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Recent animal experiments have found that long-term hydrogen inhalation can inhibit the proliferation and metastasis of tumor cells. We try to inhale hydrogen and drink hydrogen water for cancer patients. The goal is to extend their survival period and improve their quality of life. It cannot be said that hydrogen has a therapeutic effect on tumors, but hydrogen should be an effective aid in the process of tumor treatment. Reduce the pain caused by cancer and prolong life as much as possible.



23.I went to the hospital to check the urine routine and found that the report showed “2+” urine protein. Is this dangerous? Is hydrogen useful?

Urine protein is an indicator of urine routine and the most important indicator in urine routine testing. We often say that if red blood cells and white blood cells are found in the urine, it is generally not a big problem (usually a urinary tract infection), but a positive urine protein often means kidney disease has occurred, so the degree of kidney disease damage and the effect of kidney disease treatment can be judged clinically based on the number of positive urine protein. Urinary protein “2+” generally indicates that kidney damage is more serious. It must be effectively controlled and eliminated to prevent the progression of the disease. Hydrogen can protect against kidney cell damage caused by chemotherapy, antibiotics, ischemia, stones and other factors. We are researching and found that the hydrogen concentration in the kidneys was relatively high after inhaling hydrogen. At present, many cases have proved that hydrogen inhalation can effectively reduce the protein content in urine, repair and improve kidney function, for people with kidney damage who have urine protein. It is recommended that patients whose urine test finds protein inhale hydrogen as soon as possible to control their condition.


24.Studies have shown that hydrogen can lower blood lipids, blood sugar, and uric acid.

When many people start to inhale hydrogen and drink hydrogen water, these indicators decrease, but there are fluctuations in the middle. Why does this happen?

Here, the respected academician Zhong Nanshan’s view is quoted as “Hydrogen is a means of treating the cause”. It means that hydrogen can fundamentally adjust the function and state of cells, and the performance is that various indicators gradually become normal. However, the body’s problems are more complicated, and fluctuations in various indicators will inevitably occur during the adjustment process. This is a process. Take an example of high uric acid. After drinking hydrogen water, kidney excretion increases. After the uric acid in the blood is excreted, the blood uric acid concentration begins to decrease. According to the theory of chemistry experts, hydrogen may promote the dissolution of uric acid crystals (ie tophi) that have been deposited in the joints, and the dissolved uric acid will enter the blood. The manifestation is that the concentration of blood uric acid increases, and then decreases after excretion. This fluctuation may exist until the cell’s uric acid metabolism is adjusted to a normal state. When we use hydrogen products to regulate our health, we need to establish two points of view. The first point is no disease exists alone,it is a comprehensive reflection of cell metabolism disorders in multiple organs. Some abnormal indicators are just what you can find now. If you don’t check for more physical problems, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, so that we can’t just stare at one problem. Second, it is necessary to believe that hydrogen is a means of overall conditioning. In the process of physical recovery, each cell is constantly repaired and improved. There must be fluctuations in the performance outside. It should be better right away. So in summary, it is a common phenomenon that various inspection indicators fluctuate during the body adjustment process. If you insist on using hydro gen for a certain period of time, these indicators will eventually stabilize, which also indicates that the body will reach a better health level.


25.What is the current status of hydrogen medicine research?

Hydrogen medical research has a history of more than 10 years . Experts and scholars have discovered that hydrogen has a therapeutic effect on nearly 20 diseases, there are more than 1,200 research reports, more than 70 research reports from the National Natural Science Foundation of Hydrogen, more than 50 research reports, and 6 academicians experts participate and publish papers .


26.What is the theoretical basis of hydrogen water machine, hydrogen water cup, hydrogen inhaler, oxyhydrogen inhaler, etc .?

Hydrogen can treat diseases as a means of health care, the application of hydrogen has very solid academic support . Many experts and scholars have used a large number of animal models and cytological studies to prove the biological effects of hydrogen (for example, protection against diabetes, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, sepsis and tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects), and many clinical studies have also shown that hydrogen has therapeutic effects on some human diseases (such as metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, reduced quality of life after cancer radiotherapy, side effects caused by uremic dialysis, fatigue after exercise, etc . ) .


27 . Is hydrogen toxic to the human body? Is it safe for long-term use?

Although the therapeutic effect of hydrogen on diseases has not been known for a long time, the biological safety of hydrogen has been extensively studied for a long time . It has been proved by diving medical research decades ago that breathing high pressure hydrogen for consecutive days will not cause any toxic damage to divers . So far, almost all the subjects of oxyhydrogen diving research involve the issue of hydrogen safety. In particular, Sweden and France successfully conducted a series of human oxyhydrogen diving experiments, for exam ple, during 1988 1989, the time of human oxyhydrogen diving in France was as long as 7,200 hours, which further shows that human breathing hydrogen and oxyhydrogen diving are safe . Since breathing high pressure hydrogen is non-toxic, the intake of hydrogen under normal pressure is safer. With the continuous increase of hydrogen biological research, clinical research on hydrogen has gradually increased . So far, there is no evidence that hydrogen is harmful to the human body. The European Union and the United States government published information on the biological safety of hydrogen, showing that hydrogen does not have any acute or chronic toxicity to the human body under normal pressure . The National Health Commission issued a national standard for hydrogen as a food additive in December 2014, GB31633-2014 “National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Hydrogen” .


There are so many health benefit for the Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy, it is worth the investment for one Hydrogen Inhalation Machine.