The Most Frequenctly Asked Questions For Hydrogen Water Bottle

Below is the most frequenctly asked question for Hydrogen Water Bottle.


1.What is a hydrogen water machine? How to prepare hydrogen water is safe?

Hydrogen water machine is a large-scale hydrogen water preparation equipment that can produce hydrogen water for drinking in a relatively short time . Many hydrogen water machines also have heating and heat preservation functions . A safer method for preparing hydrogen water is to physically dissolve hydrogen to produce hydrogen water. It consists of two parts: hydrogen production and hydrogen mixing . The electrolytic cell produces pure hydrogen through electrolysis of water and then filters and purifies it . Hydrogen and drinking water physical mixing ultrasonic, rotary cutting, pressurization, etc to prepare hydrogen water. This type of hydrogen water equipment only adds hydrogen to the water and does not change the physical and chemical properties of drinking water. It is a relatively safe hydrogen water generator. At present, many hydrogen equipment and packaging hydrogen water manufacturers adopt this method to prepare hydrogen water.


2 .What is a hydrogen water cup?

The hydrogen water cup is a portable hydrogen water preparation equipment . It puts the electrolysis module on the bottom of the cup . After the switch is energized, the water molecules are electrolyzed to produce hydrogen gas . The bubbles are dissolved in the water in the cup . The biggest advantage of the hydrogen water cup is that it is easy to carry.


3. Is the hydrogen water cup safe?

In the process of preparing hydrogen water from the hydrogen water cup, the electrolyzed hydrogen produced water used is the drinking water to be drunk . Therefore, the requirements for water electrolysis materials are relatively high, and good electrolysis materials are needed . The use of materials with poor purity (such as metal nails, iridium, etc . ) may cause drinking water pollution . The hydrogen water cup products on the market are not good or bad . You need to choose a safe hydrogen water cup to use, not just because the price is cheap .


4.Isn’t hydrogen insoluble in water, how can hydrogen water cure diseases?

Hydrogen is soluble in water. Under standard conditions, the solubility of hydrogen is 1 .83%, which means that at most 1.83 ml of hydrogen can be dissolved per 100 ml of water. The solubility is indeed relatively small, but in biology, the solubility is about 0 .8mM, which means that about 1 .6mg of hydrogen is dissolved per 1 liter of water. In the field of medical biology, both mM and mg are relatively large units . Many of the drugs we take are mostly in this order of magnitude . If we have doubts about the solubility of hydrogen, we can compare another important gas, the solubility of oxygen . The solubility of oxygen under standard conditions is 2 .4%, which is very close to the solubility of hydrogen 1 .83% . If oxygen is considered insoluble or poorly soluble in water, then fish living in water cannot breathe oxygen .


5. Is hydrogen water legal to drink?

In the United States, Japan, South Korea, and China, hydrogen has entered the scope of national law as a food additive with no dose limitation . Water is food, so hydrogen-added water is also a food category.


6.Can hydrogen water be drunk after being prepared for a period of time?

The flexibility and penetrating power of hydrogen have been introduced earlier. Hydrogen dissolved in water is particularly easy to escape from the water into the air. For ordinary hydro gen water, the concentration of hydrogen in water drops quickly, and the concentration of hydrogen water prepared by nanotechnology drops slowly. Therefore, it is recommended to drink hydrogen water as soon as it is produced . It is better to drink it as soon as possible after preparing the hydrogen water with a hydrogen water cup or a hydrogen water machine .


7 .Can I carry hydrogen water in a glass bottle with me?

No, the hydrogen permeability is very strong . Ordinary plastic, glass or even stainless steel can’t restrain it . The hydrogen in the glass bottle will quickly escape from the water into the air. The hydrogen water can only be placed in a sealed aluminum alloy kettle or water cup . It can maintain the concentration for a certain period of time, so most of the packaged hydrogen water is packed in aluminum alloy cans .


8.What is the meaning of ppm of the solubility of hydrogen water? How much hydrogen water is useful to drink?

Many hydrogen water products use ppm as the unit,ppm is parts per million, meaning one part per million . This is not a standardized unit, mainly because Japanese scholars studying hydro gen lack a background in gas medicine research and use mass ratio as the unit . Chinese companies imitate Japanese habits and also adopt this unit of measurement . The solubility of hydrogen is 1 .83%, when converted into mass, the maximum dissolved hydrogen is 1 .6mg per 1 liter of water under standard conditions, and 1 .6mg is converted into 1 .6ppm . Therefore, if a hydrogen aquatic product has a mass ratio of hydrogen to water of 1.6 ppm, it can be said that the saturated concentration is reached . The principle of drinking water is to drink as much as possible under the condition of self physical conditions,the same is true for drinking hydrogen water. Clinical studies have found that blood lipids decrease after drinking 900ml of hydrogen water a day for two months . Japanese scholars have found that drinking 100ml of hydrogen water a day for 48 weeks (nearly a year) can improve the clinical manifestations of Parkinson’s disease patients . It should be reminded here that drinking hydrogen water will not have an immediate effect, and it needs to be persisted for a long time .


9.Can hydrogen water be taken with other health foods or medicines? Will hydrogen react with other medicines?

It is currently believed that considering the relatively stable chemical properties of hydrogen, in general, hydrogen water can be taken with commonly used drugs, and food is not a problem . You can even consider expanding the concept of hydrogen water to produce hydrogen-contain ing milk, juice, and various beverages . However, considering the general medical principles, it is not advisable to use hydrogen water as a tool for taking medicine, because it is impossible to understand the new biological concept of hydrogen medicine simply from past experience . We must know that in the past, we did not realize that trace hydrogen can produce such a powerful biological effect, although hydrogen is relatively stable, whether it will react with certain strong oxidizing or strong reducing substances still needs to be considered . In short, in theory, hydrogen water can be used as There is generally no problem with the medication carrier, but because the current research in this area is not sufficient, it is not recommended to take the medication with hydrogen water to avoid accidents .



10.Why does hydrogen water supplementation for a short period of time havea sustained effect?

After drinking hydrogen water, hydrogen lasts for a short time in the body, no more than 3 hours in the human body. The animal has a faster breathing cycle and a shorter duration . The reason for the sustained effect may be the activation of other signal pathways in the body. This activated physiological pathway has a continuous characteristic, similar to the long-term effects of anesthetic gases and drugs . This effect should be related to gene expression or protein activity.Relevant studies on the role of hydrogen in preventing diseases can explain this, for example, if rats are given hydrogen for 7 consecutive days, and after 24 hours (at this time, there is basically no hydrogen in the body), the animals are given cerebral ischemia . The degree of ischemia is reduced in mice, which may be a proof of sustained effect .


11.When drinking hydrogen water, can hydrogen be absorbed from the digestive tract? How is it absorbed?

Gas can be completely absorbed from the digestive tract, which conforms to the law of substance diffusion thatgas dissolves in liquid or water, which is no different from the dissolution of other substances such as glucose or salt . Glucose can be absorbed by the digestive tract, and gas can also be absorbed, all through diffusion, from the high concentration part to the low concentration part . Gas enters and leaves cells through gas channels on the cell membrane . Modern research evidence has found that gases are similar to ions and also need gas channels . Small molecules of gas usually borrow from other substances’ membrane channels. For example, water channels are proven to be a kind of gas channel, the gas can enter or leave the cell across the water channel according to the concentration gradient .


12.Hydrogen can cure diseases, so is it necessary for healthy people to drink hydrogen water?

Even the truly healthy people who do not have a clear physical problem have the need for physical aging and disease prevention with age, and the question now is whether there are truly healthy people? My point is very clear, everyone should drink hydrogen water. It should even be used as an important part of a healthy lifestyle . In the long run, people will age gradually,and it is difficult to avoid illness. From the perspective of preventing diseases and delaying aging, health should start from an early age, healthy habits should be cultivated from an early age, and prevention must be as early as possible.This issue is more worthy of attention, because it is more hoped that hydrogen can be used as a means of disease prevention to be applied on a large scale, especially in the field of primary prevention, which is to take measures against the cause or risk factors before the disease has occurred, but most people are not willing to treat themselves better, so the popularization and promotion in this direction is currently more difficult .



13.Does drinking hydrogen water definitely have an effect? What should I do if there is no effect?

This is not certain,even if the academic research proves that it can have a therapeutic effect on a certain disease, it does not mean that everyone has the same effect, some effects are very good, some effects are not so ideal, and some are not effective at all . Academic research is based on overall statistics to distinguish whether it is effective, not that it is effective for every one . So anytime someone asks, “My uncle has rheumatoid arthritis,is drinking hydrogen water or breathing hydrogen effective for him?” The unified answer here is, I don’t know whether it will work for him . It is recommended to try it for a period of time, because clinical studies have found that hydrogen has a potential therapeutic effect on rheumatoid arthritis .


14. Is the higher the concentration of hydrogen water, the better?

According to the current research results, the higher the concentration of hydrogen water, the more significant the improvement effect on the disease may be . It needs to be emphasized that drinking hydrogen water should be a way of health care . No matter how high the concentration of hydrogen water is, you need to keep drinking for a period of time before you can see changes in various body indicators . It is unrealistic to expect hydrogen water to “remedy all diseases immediately and cure all diseases” . It is also advocated that everyone jointly use multiple hydrogen intake methods at the same time .


15. When is it better to drink hydrogen water?

There are No hard rules, but try to drink a certain amount of hydrogen water in the morning and before going to bed . In addition, the daily drinking rhythm does not need to be changed, just add hydrogen to the drinking water. Many people report that the frequency of urination increases after drinking hydrogen water,it should be noted that elderly people with poor kidney function usually have to control the amount of water they drink . Do not drink too much hydrogen water before going to bed at night, 200-300 ml is enough to prevent excessive wake up and affect sleep quality.


16.Can drinking hydrogen water lower blood fat?

It has a certain effect,according to population research, drinking hydrogen water with a concentration of about 1.0 PPM, 1200 1500ml per day, reduces cholesterol by about 10% in about a month . If the concentration is high, the effect of drinking large amounts of water may be more significant . It should be noted that many people who initially drink hydrogen water will have an increase in blood triglycerides (synthesized in the body by staple foods such as rice, noodles) due to the improved appetite and digestive tract absorption function (eating more and better absorption), the phenomenon of long-term drinking will slowly decrease . High blood lipids are not independent and related to the functions of many organs in the body (liver, kidney, muscle) . The use of hydrogen water to lower blood lipids requires long-term persistence, hydrogen water cannot be used as a medicine . Do not use hydrogen water as a medicine or stop drinking it after lowering blood lipids .


17. Can drinking hydrogen water lower uric acid?

According to population research, drink hydrogen water with a concentration of about 1 .0ppm, 600-800ml per day. In 3 months, the uric acid index decreased by about 60 (normal uric acid value is 150-420 micromol/l for males and 90-360 micromol/l for females) . High uric acid indicates abnormal body cell metabolism and renal excretion function . We must pay attention to it . Normal range Internally, the closer the uric acid is to the lower limit, the better. For example, if male uric acid is controlled at around 200, it is ideal . Increased uric acid is a complicated problem . At present, cases of people who use hydrogen water to reduce uric acid are more common, but there are also cases where uric acid does not change . In order to reduce the damage of uric acid to blood vessels and organs, it is also necessary for patients with high uric acid and gout to insist on drinking hydrogen water for a long time .


18.Is drinking hydrogen water effective for diabetes?

There are animal and population research reports that hydrogen water can improve the average blood sugar level of diabetes and reduce the complications caused by high blood sugar (such as retinopathy, renal failure, foot ulcers, etc . ) . It is clinically believed that diabetes is incurable . It is recommended that people with diabetes take hydrogen water for a long time to help reduce the damage to the body caused by high blood sugar. For metabolic syndrome such as diabetes, it is currently recommended to inhale hydrogen gas and drink hydrogen water at the same time, which can achieve better improvement effects . It is common to have blood sugar gradually decrease and stabilize after long-term use .


19.Doesdrinking hydrogen water help digestive tract problems, such as gastritis and enteritis?

Drinking hydrogen water can relieve inflammation of the digestive system, such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, and colitis . You can alleviate symptoms by drinking hydrogen water. Studies have found that patients with colitis can significantly relieve the feeling of diarrhea and abdominal pain after drinking  hydrogen water.  Especially for  people with gastroesophageal  reflux problems (often acid reflux, belching), drinking hydrogen water can significantly improve symptoms, which to some extent prevents the risk of esophageal cancer induced by gastric acid stimulation .


20. Can drinking hydrogen water improve constipation?

Studies have proved that hydrogen can adjust the intestinal flora . Many people report that constipation has improved a lot after drinking hydrogen water. It should be reminded that there is no research evidence in this field, because constipation is a very complex problem, and there are many reasons for constipation . In addition, when someone started to drink hydrogen water, the constipation improved significantly, but the medium-term effect was repeated . It is recommended to use it with other intestinal conditioning foods (probiotics, dietary fiber, etc . ) . The last thing to remind is that not everyone’s constipation can be improved by drinking hydrogen water, and the effectiveness has a certain proportion of the population .


21 .Can drinking hydrogen water treat fatty liver?

Drinking hydrogen water can reduce blood lipid concentration, and at the same time has a certain adjustment effect on fatty liver. Drinking hydrogen water reduces the fatty infiltration of the liver, and the degree of fatty liver can be reduced under ultrasound examination (the examination for fatty liver is relatively rough) . However, this change may take at least half a year. It takes a long time for the liver fat metabolism to return to normal, it needs to drink patiently.


22.Can drinking hydrogen water lower blood pressure?

The current hydrogen medical research has not found that hydrogen can lower blood pressure, but research shows that hydrogen can reduce the damage of high blood pressure to blood vessels . At present, people experience feedback that there are many cases of blood pressure reduction after drinking hydrogen water. This may be because blood lipids, blood viscosity, blood sugar, etc, are all reduced after long-term drinking hydrogen water. These factors are closely related to the formation of high blood pressure, so the severity of high blood pressure has also been relieved . However, there is no research evidence to prove that hydrogen can lower blood pressure, so the conclusion that “hydrogen can lower blood pressure” cannot be drawn .


23 .Can drinking hydrogen water alleviate the symptoms of arthritis?

Yes, studies have shown that drinking hydrogen water can improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and relieve joint pain . Animal experiments have also been reported on other types of joint damage and arthritis . It may take a long time to relieve the symptoms of arthritis by drinking hydrogen water. Research has found that joint problems can be significantly improved in about 1 year.



24.Can drinking hydrogen water alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s in the elderly?

The main symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are paralysis agitans and stiff jitters, and daily movements cannot be completed . At present, the scientific community believes that Parkinson’s is a systemic disease, which is closely related to the state of intestinal flora and intestinal function . Some population studies have found that drinking hydrogen water can improve Parkinson’s symptoms, but what needs to be reminded is that the effect of the actual application process is different, and there are also cases where the effect is not significant . If there is a Parkinson’s patient who wants to try to use hydrogen to treat the disease, it is recommended to combine use hydrogen water, inhale hydrogen and hydrogen foot bath .



25.During the physical examination, ultrasound examination revealed plaque in the carotid artery. Is it dangerous?

Carotid ultrasound examination found atherosclerotic plaque, which suggests that there may be problems with the arteries of the whole body, especially the coronary arteries of the heart may have plaques, and you need to be concerned about your blood vessel health . Especially if B ultrasound shows soft plaque or unstable plaque, it must be treated as soon as possible, because this kind of plaque is easy to fall off, and it may cause myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction as the blood flows into the heart or brain tissue . These two disease are life-threatening .


26. Is drinking hydrogen water useful for arterial plaque?

Studies have shown that hydrogen can stabilize arterial plaque and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaque . Short-term drinking of hydrogen water can prevent the risk of soft plaques on the arteries from falling off, and long-term drinking can prevent new plaques from forming . Cases in the population confirm that some arterial plaques can be reduced or even disappeared after drinking hydrogen water for about 2 years . This is a good effect that cannot be achieved with long-term use of statins, and it is worthy of everyone’s attention and promotion .


27.Can drinking hydrogen water prevent lung damage caused by smoking?

Studies have shown that hydrogen water can reduce the inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by smoking, reduce the viscosity of sputum, promote the discharge of respiratory waste, and reduce the irritation of cigarette harmful substances to the respiratory system to a certain extent . Smoking is harmful to health and is closely related to the development of lung cancer. If you are too addicted to smoking, it is recommended to inhale hydrogen + drink hydrogen water to prevent lung damage and lung cancer.


28 .Can drinking hydrogen water prevent tumors?

Studies have found that drinking hydrogen water can regulate the intestinal flora, significantly reduce the incidence of gastric cancer, bile duct cancer, colon cancer and other gastrointestinal tumors, and prevent the occurrence of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. It is a very simple, convenient and low-cost prevention method for digestive system tumors .


29 .Can drinking hydrogen water prevent osteoporosis?

Studies have found that hydrogen can inhibit the activity of osteoclasts, delay the occurrence of osteoporosis caused by aging, and can also adjust the decline in bone density caused by abnormal ovarian function in women during menopause . Osteoporosis is a very harmful aging disease,fractures after osteoporosis can endanger the lives of the elderly. Some cases have found that the bone mineral density of the elderly has not decreased significantly for several years after drinking hydrogen water for a long time . Drinking hydrogen water may be a very good way to protect bones from loss in the future .


30.Can drinking hydrogen water reduce fatigue?

There are relatively many population studies in this area . Studies have found that drinking hydrogen water can reduce sports fatigue of athletes, and has a protective effect on the damage caused by increased cardiopulmonary load during high intensity exercise . It also has a certain effect on preventing muscle and joint damage . It is recommended to drink hydrogen water before and after exercise, because a lot of excessive exercise or carelessness will cause oxidative damage to the body. As an ideal antioxidant, hydrogen may become a standard protective agent during exercise in the future .


31 .Can drinking hydrogen water cure a hangover?

Studies have found that drinking hydrogen water can reduce liver damage caused by alcohol and reduce the pain of hangovers . It is recommended to drink hydrogen water while drinking alcohol to protect liver function and promote alcohol metabolism . What needs to be reminded is that if you drink a lot of alcohol, it is recommended to absorb hydrogen as soon as possible after drinking to reduce the subsequent damage of alcohol .


32.Is drinking hydrogen water good for tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

Many studies have proved that drinking hydrogen water can reduce the side effects of tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy, help patients maintain better immunity and physical condition, and improve the quality of life .


33 .What are the intuitive experiences of drinking hydrogen water?

Many people experience better energy than before and less physical fatigue; secondly, the number of colds and fevers will be significantly reduced, even if the cold symptoms will be significantly reduced; appetite is improved, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other intestinal problems are alleviated .


34 . Is it safe for children to drink hydrogen water?

It is drinkable, and hydrogen has entered the national catalog as a food additive . At present, air pollution and food problems have led to a decline in the immunity of many children . Drinking hydrogen rich water can improve children’s disease resistance and prevent allergies and other common health problems in modern children .


35.Can hydrogen water lose weight?

Studies have shown that hydrogen water can promote the metabolism of fat in the liver, reduce the content of visceral fat, and lower blood lipids, but hydrogen water has no rapid weight loss effect . The weight loss effect of hydrogen is an accompanying phenomenon of physical improvement . It is the consumption of excess fat after the recovery of various functions of the body, which takes a very long time to achieve.


36 .Will there be dependence on drinking hydrogen water?

Hydrogen helps the body restore health by adjusting the state of cells . It has no effect on normal cells . There is no dependence on drinking hydrogen water, and there will be no physical damage and uncomfortable reactions if you stop drinking.


37.After drinking hydrogen water for three months, my blood lipids are normal, can I stop drinking it? Will it rebound again if I don’t drink it?

The increase in blood lipids, blood pressure, and blood sugar is a comprehensive reaction of abnormal metabolism of body cells, and is the result of long-term damage to the body. The occurrence of diseases is long-term, so it is impossible to restore the body’s cells to normal in a short time . Therefore, even if the blood lipids are normal, you must insist on drinking for a period of time . After the blood lipids return to normal, if you can continue to control your weight and avoid overeating, that is, if you maintain a good lifestyle, your blood lipids will not rebound, but if you continue to damage your body, you should continue to drink hydrogen water!


38 . Does drinking hydrogen water have any effect on allergies?

The so-called allergies are mostly caused by the disorder of immune function caused by the environment and age . Allergies are essentially immune problems . Studies have reported that long-term drinking of hydrogen water can greatly relieve allergic symptoms including contact dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, allergic asthma, rhinitis, etc .


39.For patients with kidney disease, the doctor ordered to drink less water to

reduce the burden on the kidneys . Can I drink more hydrogen water? Patients with kidney disease, especially those with renal failure, may have edema due to renal excretion disorders . Drinking too much water may also cause edema . Hydrogen water is also not allowed to drink too much . For kidney diseases, we generally advocate the use of hydrogen to improve kidney function . This will not cause a burden on the kidneys, and the results of the crowd experience show that hydrogen inhalation has a better effect on repairing and improving kidney function .



40. How to distinguish the quality of the hydrogen water cup?

The easiest way to identify the quality of a hydrogen water cup is: buy a TDS (total dissolved solids) test pen (very cheap, about tens of yuan, can be purchased on Taobao), and fill the hydrogen water cup with water (purified water or mineral water), measure and record the TDS concentration of the raw water, do not cover the cup, and then continuously press the switch for hydrogen production 20 times, and then check the TDS concentration . If it is a good hydro gen water cup, this value should not increase, if increase too much, it means that there are a lot of solids in the water,these may be heavy metals precipitated during the electrolysis of the cup, which are harmful to the human body and are not recommended for long-term use .


If you still have any question about the Hydrogen Water Cup, just feel free to contact us.