How to select the right Hydrogen Inhaler ?

Hydrogen is an excellent selective anti-oxidant which can neutralize only toxic free radicals within the body, reduce oxidate damage, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative stress, anti-apoptotic and the regulation of both autophagy and hormone signaling pathway. 

Since 2007, Hydrogen inhalation therapy (HIT) has been researched on its effect on various diseases including gastric diseases,eye injury,otology diseases, oral diseases, allergic rhinitis, acute pancreatitis ,urinal system diseases, skin disease, hematopoietic system disorders, mental diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord ischemia, reperfusion injury, and ischemic brain injury.


To select the right Hydrogen Inhaler  not only should we pay attention to the quality of the machine, but also choose the right flow rate according to our own personal conditions since there are so many different model with different flow rate in the market.. So our this blog will be divided into two parts, first part how to choose a high quality machine and second part how to select the right flow rate.


Part 1 : How to choose a high quality hydrogen inhaler ?


Firstly, the working temperature of the machine, which is the most efficient way and also the intuitive approach.

The cooler the machine can operate at, the higher quality of the produced gas and the longer lifespan the generator and components within it. Our machine not excess 36.4 degree even after 3 hours continues use. This is quite significant to judge the machine quality ? Why ?

Our electrolytic cell working voltage 1.75-2.V, other supplies voltage 1.9-2.0V, after continue using 200hours, will increase to 2.5-2.6V, which will consume more power, generate O3 and more heat, not only make the hydrogen not pure to inhale, but also damage the electrolytic cell and the components inside it.


Secondly, the purity of the hydrogen output. Many suppliers claims their hydrogen output concentration 99.9%, but as our common people, it is really hard for us to judge by our naked eyes without using professional measuring instruments.  After several hours use, the water evapor to the bottle is very little, which also increase the span of the generator. Our machine less than 1000ml no need the wet water bottle. The concentration of the hydrogen gas not only depends on the membrane, it also indicate the quality of the electrolytic cells. The concentration of the hydrogen gas has some relation with the operating temperature of the electrolytic cell, the lower temperature, the more stable the working voltage, the lower heat produce, the higher the concentration will be.


Thirdly, the membrane use not only depends on the lifespan of the machine, but also the concentration of the hydrogen output. The membrane we use is Dubont N117 which is really high quality and often out of supply in the market.

Fourth, the material used for the outer case. In the current market, there is mainly two material used for the case, one is aluminium alloy case and another is ABS plastic case. Aluminum alloy case has great advantage over plastic case. Plastic case is not good for the heat emission ,which will increase the machine temperature and damage the main components inside it, also make the hydrogen output concentration not pure. Besides plastic is easily to be oxidized and color fade after long term use.

In conclusion, the quality of the machine is determined by the case material , membrane, the working voltage of the electrolytic cell, the working temperature of the machine.



Part 2: how to choose the right flow rate ?


There are many different flow rate in the market, even some with pure hydrogen , and others with hydrogen and oxygen mixed which is called Brows’ gas whose Hydrogen and oxygen rate at 2:1. What flow rate should we choose ? And should we choose hydrogen inhalation or Brow’s gas ?

Scientists have studied and compared various concentrations below 4% and found that the inhalation of 2% of hydrogen has the best effect on the disease, so 2% is generally recommended for popular use. The ministry of Health And Welfare of Japan also included the inhalation of 2% hydrogen as a medical method in the medical device outline. For adults weighing about 60-80kg, according to the calculation formula of breaching gas, the flow rate of 300-600ml can achieve 1.5-2.5% concentration.

For healthy people who want to slow cell aging and maintain health care, we recommend use 200ml, 300ml, 600ml pure hydrogen inhaler.

For people who want clinics use or treat some diseases, we recommend use 900ml, 1500ml Brown gas, whose hydrogen gas and oxygen gas rate 2:1.



From what has been elaborated above, We are sure you have know how to make a smart choice for the hydrogen inhaler.

If you still confused with the choice of the hydrogen inhaler, just feel free to let us know.

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