9 Reasons to Own One Led Light Therapy Pad

Infrared Led Light Therapy pad

In our whole lifetime, we will suffer from pain occasionally or frequently depends on different people’s health condition. Red light therapy is proved to be a fast and non-invasive way to relieve the pain, speed up wound healing and bone repairing.

There are a lot of benefit to own one led light therapy pad. In order to keep up with the market trend and meet with different kinds of terminal user’s demand, Suyzeko have developed several models of Led Light therapy pad comes in different shape and different size. Such as the Portable Infrared Led Pad, Combination Led Pad, Four Wavelength Led Pad ect.

Here are Nine reasons why purchasing your own led light therapy pad to have at your disposal is wise investment that will greatly increase your life quality, but also do great benefit to your whole family


1.Treat multiple body Area

Due to the soft and flexible printted electric circuit board, make the led pad flexible and 360 degree foldable, together with two different length of velcro strap, the led pad could be perfectly attached on different body area, such as the shoulder, knee, back, waist, arm, hand, leg. One Led pad can fulfill different body part treatment, that is quite cost-efficient. If you want to achieve fast and better effect, it is recommend to use combination led pad to cover the bigger area.


2.Release hands easy to do treatment

Unlike the other massaging machine, Led light therapy pad no need hold by the hand all the time, no need move back and forth to avoid burn on skin. What you just need to do is to wrap the led pad on the position you are targeted to and do other work at the same time. It doesn’t affect you watch the TV, typing the computer, running.


3.Do treatment anytime anywhere

You can take it anywhere due to its Lightweight, compact size. Use together with 5V2A power bank, you can do the treatment anytime anywhere, suitable for outdoor use.


4.Pain Relief During Work

As the life and work pressure increase, most people will spend countless hours sitting and bending over a laptop or tablet while working, which will takes a toll on the back, neck , arm and shoulders, such as sore neck, frozen shoulder. At this time you can wrap the led pad at your shoulder or neck by using the velcro strap and then achieve pain relief. No need you handheld the led pad, no need you move back and forth the led pad, not affect your typing, totally release your hands.


5.Pain Relief After exercise

After doing too much exercise, there will be a lot of lactic acid accumulation inside your body and you will feel sour pain on the arm or legs. Wrap one led pad around the arm or legs will help you discharge the lactic acid and expelling of toxin out of your body, and you will feel whole body relaxed.

6.Pain relief after sport injury

660nm 850nm perfect combination, deep penetrate into tissue, deliver light energy to the cells, more ATP produced inside the mitochondria, more oxygen and nutrients rush to the injured area, activate the cell self-healing process, speed up wound healing, muscle healing and bone repairing.


7.Special Care During Menstrual Period

Led light therapy meet with great favor by female. As the old saying goes, 9 out of 10 female will experience cold palace, cold hand cold feet. Cold Palace will not only cause pain, but also affect menstrual cycle, menstrual flow, menstrual color and so on. Some female will suffer from different degree of pain during the menstrual period. It will help get rid of pain just simply by wrapping the led light therapy pad around your waist. Warm, comfortable and relax.


8.Best travel companion

When you are travelling, you will increase your physical activities, such as walking, hiking, but lack of sleep due to the tight routine, so it will easily to catch pain in different degree. So this time, 30M red light therapy treatment will become a luxury. Owing your own led light therapy pad , you can take it along with your journey. Due to the compact size and foldable in all direction, you can easily put one led pad into one small bag, not taking up too much space.


9.Suitable for whole family use

One led pad will be enjoyed by the whole family use. Especially for the family with elder people suffering from arthritis,knee pain and immobility. Covered with one protective silicone film, not only protect the led from damaging , extend the lifespan of the led pad, but also make it very easy to clean, hygiene to use. When a light therapy pad is placed on the skin directly, the blood circulation and metabolism is increased, more likely to sweat a lot. One thin silicone film can make the led pad very easy to clean, suitable for different people use, no need worry about bacteria. How good a feeling is when your parents or grandparents feel better and move more freely.



From above, we can see there are so many benefit to own one led light therapy pad, so it is really worth to do the investment to improve life quality and get rid of pain.You can choose the suitable size or shape based on your own condition and preference.