The Most Frequently Asked Questions For Infrared Led Pad

Everyday we get many orders and many inquiries for our Infrared Red Led Light Therapy pad. Different people will have different kinds of questions. In order to let you better understanding our led pad and make the smartest choice when choose to the right product, here we would love to sort out the most frequently asked questions and answer accordingly.


Q1: When I turn on the led pad, parts of led light are not on, is the led pad defective?

No. The led pad is made of 152pcs leds, 80pcs red leds and 72pcs infrared leds. The light you see is red led light, and the another is infrared, which is invisible to our naked eyes. If you see it through your mobile phone camera, you can see the dim light on. So there is no problem for the Led light therapy pad.


Q2:I see there is silicone film on the surface of the led pad, why use it ? Will it affect the irradiance ?

The silicone film we use is medical grade, water proof, acid and alkali resistance, not only help protect the led from damaging, but also make it very easy to clean, hygiene to use. When we do the light treatment, the light energy is absorbed by cells, the blood circulation and metabolism is increased, so it is more prone to sweat a lot, this silicone is waterproof, very easy to clean, help you get rid of the bacteria, very hygiene to use.

If the silicone is too thick, it will affect the irradiance. But the silicone film we use is very thin, only 0.01mm, this only reduce about 3% light energy.


Q3: Is it the Led pad safe to use ? I am worried about the unwanted exposure to EMFS. What is the EMF value of your product ?

Since the led pad is powered by the direct current,so the EMF is negligible, we have used the relative meter to measure it, EMF value is Zero.


Q4: Is your led pad recharged ?

No, due to the structure of the led pad, it doesn’t support build in battery inside. But you can power the led pad by 5V2A power bank, suitable for outdoor use.


Q5: Other led pad in the market do not have the pulse frequency? Why you use the pulse frequency inside the led pad ?

The nature of light is energy, frequency light can make the human body better absorption of light energy, to achieve better therapeutic effect.


Q6: What is the frequency of the pulse ?

Our led pad built in one frequency cycle mode which range from 147-4625Hz.


Q7: Can this led pad be used for weight loss ?

660nm +850nm wavelength combination is mainly used for pain relief, muscle healing and bone repairing.

If you keep using the led pad, it also keep fat burning lost weight. But in order to achieve fast and best weight loss result, we highly recommend you Led light therapy Bed.


Q8: Can the led pad foldable ?

Yes, because the led pad is made of flexible printed electric circuit board, so it is 360 degree foldable. When you want to use it for outdoor purpose or take it along with your journey, it will not take up you too much space.


Q9: Is this led pad used directly on skin or over clothes ?

It is recommended to use directly on the skin because the cloth will block the led light penetrate to the skin and reduce the treatment effect. Our led pad is very hygiene to use, skin friendly due to the the silicone protective film.


If you also have any question about our infrared led pad, just feel free to contact us at or whatsup +86 018126103396. We will answer you at our fastest speed.