What is Iridology Iriscope Camera?

Iridology Camera Introduction:

The iridology camera is an iris-based software that uses a unique camera to take pictures. in brief, the device is a camera that takes irises. The iris can be photographed after connecting the software, and then input the iris image into the software for analysis.

Iridology Camera Models:

There are two models iridology camera in the market. 5MP and 12 MP iridology camera. 12MP iridology camera is more popular, has beautiful appearance and high pixel, which is convenient for operation and analysis of iris.Here is the picture for you.

Shooting method:

There are two ways of photographing iris.
1.Self check.
Relax your body, eyes squarely at the front. Eye movement, transferred to the best position, freeze frame photo.
2.They assisted in the examination.
Relax your body, eyes squarely at the front. After reaching the best location, analysts use iris instruments to help photograph.


When detecting the iris, the other side must be seated and the eye should look straight ahead at a fixed point.
At first, Please  look at the right eye iris, then look at the left eye iris, a general overview of the iris pupil size, density, iris color and surrounding iris tissue structure.
The inspection analysis is best carried out in a relaxed state.

Unable to check

1. can not predict blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids, uric acid indicators and other test results
2. can not judge what kind of medicine has been taken and what surgery has been done
3. does not identify the name of the disease
4. can not see whether pregnant or ectopic pregnancy
5. can not see the nature of the tumor or its size
6. the iris alone can not distinguish between men and women
7. can not judge what you like to eat and do not like to eat
8. can not distinguish the symptoms caused by drugs or the disease itself
9. can not determine whether there is multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease
10. can not determine syphilis, gonorrhea or AIDS

Iridology Camera Software:

1. Adjust brightness through either software or switch on handle line, delete the photos, and adjust the focus, quick fixed photos with white balance and high stability of colors. Connects directly with computer without outside power and easy to operate.
2.The software can save the client information and irises also the details of products that you recommend them. After taken the photos, you can analysis the irises and later compare the irises pictures when your client comes back to see their progress. Can print an analysis report. Save the photos according to the date & time you take the photos.
3.This machine will help the client know his health condition, including the problem which you have had in the past. The Iridology will be your health counselor, tell you how to keep away from the illness.

Iridology Camera Software Interface:
How to read iris?

In order to manage iris examination skills, we have to learn basic knowledge and do a lot of basic practice, we have to learn the abnormal dedication, and the area related the organs and the special appearances of iris. Only when we are familiar with the knowledge, we are able to give others direction on prevention and improvement about health, we could examine as following:

  1. Diagnose right iris and then left iris, judge the size of sclera and iris, the density of iris, color of iris and iris structure around.
  2. It needs systematic knowledge about health medical and diseases.
  3. Iridology diagnosis is the process of professional diagnosis and scientific judgmentaccording to the dedication of iris. The abnormal dedication in iris is caused by some different reasons sometimes, so we need to know more about the source of health problems or the key for it, and then we can adapt the right way to intervene and cure.
  4. Iris Diagnosis is different from diagnosis for disease, so we need to know more about examinee’s family, life habits, personality, accidents in life and so on, and then discuss his health situation with him. At last, only when making the same judgment, we can solve examinee’s problems.
  5. Iris tells the properties instead of disease, so we can not explain in the way of diagnosing diseases
  6. Take attentionto protective cure, especially in diagnosis of health problems. In the aspect of cancer or other serious diseases we should not judge it and suggest examinees take a health examination in hospital, and keep their privacy as secrets.


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