metatron hunter 4025 therapy reviews

Metatron hunter 4025 had sold for many years, but how about the device working.
Is it really usefully?
Here are some feedback from our customers.
1. Metatron hunter 4025 diagnosis for the cancer, Cancer is not always can be diagnosed by metatron hunter 4025.
Metatron hunter 4025 is a health prevention instrument. He is more of a disease prevention. So not all diseases can be diagnosed. But it is still a good instrument for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
Here is the feedback from our customer for the cancer.

2. The customer feedback for parkioson.

3. The customer feedback for heart vessels desease.

And other feedback for metatron hunter 4025.

Our company had sold for metatron hunter 4025 for 5 years, we have enough experience to help our customers to use the device. and we also have training video to help our customers. Here is our information for you:
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5 thoughts on “metatron hunter 4025 therapy reviews

  1. Thomas E. Piel, D.C. says:

    Just learned about the Hunter 4025, who is the manufacturer and where are they located? I am interested to know if there are any contra-indications, for example: pacemaker or defibrillator devices that are implanted. I also would be interested in learning of any practitioners in this area that are using this therapy with their patients. I am a doctor of chiropracic and my practice is located in Belfast, Maine. Also wondering about the huge price differences that I have seen on the internet.

  2. sschgroup says:

    Dear Thomas,
    Nice to hear that you are interested in our Hunter 4025.
    We are the manufacturer for this device, located in Shenzhen, China.
    If there is any metal things implanted in your body, we won’t suggest you use this machine.
    Because the frequencies will be affected by the metal.
    There is a lot of therapy function with the device, like stone therapy, meta therapy, herbal therapy, kill the virus….
    The price is difference because the cost of device are different, and software level is different, the service is different, also the quantity of order is different.
    Even some use same name but actually for different devices.
    Best regards,

  3. sschgroup says:

    We have training manual if you already bought our device, and we also know some professor who are offering training lessons if you need.
    Best regards,

  4. Chiara Lavezzari says:

    does hunter need maintenance and updates?
    Is there training with the Hunter in italian?
    Thanks for answer

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