How To Prevent High Blood Pressure ?

High blood pressure, also call hypertension, a chronic disease, which is the most common happened in middle-aged and elderly people. But along with the increase of life&work pressure, bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle and so on, many young people also suffer from hypertension and this phenomenon has become more and more common and have been increase year by year.

If not treated for a long time, the harm of hypertension will be maximized. Sustained high blood pressure will damage the heart, brain, kidney and aorta, eventually lead to cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure, kidney failure and other serious complications, seriously affecting health and even life.

While treatment is not easy, prevention should be given high priority. So How to prevent high blood pressure ?


Below are some advices, including but not limited to :

  1. Exercise Appropriately  And Regularly
  2. Get Enough Sleep  
  3. Reasonable Diet
  4. No Smoking
  5. Limit Alcohol
  6. Control Body weight
  7. Measure Blood Pressure Regularly
  8. Use low level Laser watch


1.Exercise Appropriately  And Regularly

Exercise can improve cardiovascular function, prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure, but not excessive movement, especially when a heart cerebrovascular disease in sports must be careful, too much movement may cause angina pectoris, heart failure, stroke, and sudden death, heart rate reached 110 people generally think that the age of 60 ~ 120 times/min;  A 70-year-old man’s heart rate reaches 100-110 beats per minute.  Exercise is appropriate when the heart rate of an 80-year-old person reaches 90 to 100 beats per minute. 


2.Get Enough Sleep  

Insufficient sleep will have a lot of adverse effects on the human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, also lead to blood pressure increased. Long-term poor sleep will even lead to the occurrence of hypertension. Therefore, in order to prevent hypertension, we need a good sleep. It is recommended to go to bed before 11pm and sleep 8-9 hours per day.


3.Reasonable Diet

Keeping reasonable diet is quite signifcant to prevent and cure hypertension.

Drink More Water

Drinking water reduces blood viscosity, promotes metabolism and excretion of toxins.  It may also prevent the formation of kidney stones and hyperuricemia

Eat Low Salt, Low fat and High Protein Food

 No more than 10 grams of salt a day, preferably less than 5 grams.  Limit animal fat and cholesterol intake, mainly vegetable oil, which not only helps prevent atherosclerosis, but also helps control blood pressure.  

Take in the right amount of protein, in addition to the protein provided by cereals, should also give milk, lean meat, fish and other foods.  

Eat More Potassium-rich Food

At the same time, take more potassium rich food, such as vegetables, fruits, to supplement vitamins and regulate electrolyte balance in the body, ensure smooth bowel movement.  A certain amount of potassium intake can reduce the sensitivity of the cardiovascular system to sodium in the elderly, thus reducing blood pressure.

High potassium-rich food includes Black fungus corn, leek, soybean sprouts, lettuce, carp, silver carp, eel, lean pig, mutton, beef, pork loin, red jujube, banana, potassium content per 100 grams of food between 270 ~ 500 mg No smoking


4.No Smoking

Tobacco contains a large number of harmful substances, specially for the nicotine, which can make the central nervous and sympathetic excited, accelerate the heart rate, also make the adrenal release of a large number of catecholamine, make small artery contraction, resulting in elevated blood pressure.  Also, Nicotine stimulates chemoreceptors in the blood vessels and reflexively raise blood pressure.  

Long-term heavy smoking can also promote atherosclerosis, the gradual thickening of the lining of small arteries, which gradually harden the entire blood vessel.  At the same time, as a result of smoking, carbon monoxide and hemoglobin in the blood will increase, thus reducing the oxygen content of the blood, making the intima of the artery hypoxia, lipid substance increase, accelerate atherosclerosis, promote the formation of blood pressure. 


5.Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is the second leading cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases after tobacco, therefore there is must for us to limit too much alcohol.

The effect on the blood pressure is not big if drinking a small amount of alcohol, the effect on blood pressure is not big. For example, drinking a small amount of red wine, it will produce a micro vasodilation effect, which can reduce blood pressure appropriately. But drinking too much alcohol over years, blood pressure will rise rapidly by the long term stimulation of alcohol. Not only will it cause high blood pressure, but also will affect the digestive system, nerve system and cause cause vitamin, electrolyte disorder. 


6.Control Body weight

Weight gain means that we take in too much fat and other high-calorie foods, which will lead to many diseases.Obesity will increase heart burden, leading to heart hypertrophy arteriosclerosis, prone to hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, Control body weight is paramout important. While we want to control the body weight, we should do regular exercise and maintain reasonable diet as mentioned above.


7.Measure Blood Pressure Regularly

Regular blood pressure measurement is an effective method for early detection of hypertension, especially for patients with a family history of hypertension.  Patients without a family history of hypertension should have their blood pressure measured regularly from the age of 40, at least two to three times a year. If some symptoms such as dizziness and headache occur, their blood pressure should be measured promptly. Only get better understanding of your our health conditions can we act accordingly to prevent it from getting worse.


8.Use low level Laser watch

LLLT laser therapy watch, also call semiconductor laser watch, has been developed based on modern laser medicine and clinical practice. Highly recommend Suyzeko low level laser watch.

 It adopts low-level laser wavelength 650nm and low level led wavelength 450nm, through specific parts of irradiation of  radial arteries, neiguan acupoint ,daling acupoint, and nasal cavity at the same time. When the red blood cell absorb the laser light energy, it will produce the lipopotein lypase , which will decompose the fat garbage in the blood, change the deformability of red blood cells, improve the microcirculation, improve the red blood cell carrying oxygen capacity, so as to purify the blood, reducing the blood viscosity, improving the blood sugar, and finally achiveving the purpose of treating hypertension, hyperlipaemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


It is recommended to wear the laser watch two times one day, one time in the morning after breakfast, one time in the evening after dinner. Each time 30 minutes, the effect will be enhanced if use together with the nasal probes. It can better prevent and cure high blood pressure. Buy Now !