What is the difference between Optical Power and Electric Power ?

When we are talking about Led Light Therapy Bed, Optional power and Electric power are two important parameters.

There are many clients will confuse these two elements, here we would love to clarify them.


Optical Power 

Also called, Luminous power (10 W/m²=1 mW/cm²)

Optical power is the work done by light in unit time. 1 joule is the work done by 1 watt of power in 1 second.

Physically, optical power play an important role in the light penetration ability and output energy ability. So it is closely related to the performance and the treatment effect. (When the optical power is not enough, it is less effective in beauty or treatment, and it is equivalent to spending money to buy an useless product.)


Electric power

(1 W=1000 mW)

The optical power and electric power are different concepts. The larger electric power doesn’t mean the stronger optical power. Electric power mean Normally, the conversion of electric power into optical power will have most of the energy consumption. According to different types of light-emitting devices (led or fluorescent tube, with lens or without lens, close distance or far distance), the photoelectric conversion rate varies greatly.


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