3 In 1 Smart Tecar Wave EMS Shockwave Equipment

$3,999.00 USD

Smart Tecar Wave combines the advantages of TECAR, Shockwave and EMS machine with excellent effect for full body pain management, ED treatment, sport injury and fat burning weight loss, hyperplasia of mamary glands, cold hand & cold feet.

Effects of Smart TECAR Wave Therapy
口reduces pain
口improves superficial and deep blood circulation
口improves tissue regeneration
口stimulates venous and lymphatic drainage
口affects the restoration of metabolic balance activity

Indications For Treatment
口various muscular pathologies (contracture, muscle tears, bruises and swelling)
口injuries, osteoarticular distractions and wear of the joints (shoulder, hip, knee, ankle joints)
口pathology of the elbow, wrist and arm (epicondylitis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome)
口cervical, thoracic and lumbar pathology
口inflammation and damage to the Achilles tendon, and patellar ligament
口tendonitis and calcination in the area of the shoulder joint acute